Hola! Thank you for wanting to meet me, I am excited to meet you as well! I am Scarling Virginia Ferrera Mejia, but you can call me Scar. I am a Dominican actress based in Boston, Massachusetts. My mom has always told me she saw something in me from a very young age, but she couldn’t quite picture what it was. As any mother would, she made me explore different areas such as swimming lessons, gymnastics, modeling until she found theatre lessons and it was all a very fun exciting discovery. Either way, thank you Mami for making me explore all these different areas!

As a person and an artist, I am interested in bringing awareness to social issues and appreciation to other cultures. I am currently educating myself more in playwriting and directing, my goal is to write my first play focusing on social issues. Living in Dominican Republic surrounded by my culture and my history has always been a pleasure because I have not just grown as my own person but also as an artist because of my roots. These roots of mine, I would love to share in my own work, whether I create it or share them. I believe Theatre is a beautiful source to tell one’s history, culture and heritage. To live my life using my art and writing to speak out and to bring a platform of conversation to such topics is the ultimate pleasure as an artist I can have.

I was fortunate enough to have become a Miranda Family Fellow at the end of 2019, where I have been part of workshops and conversations hosted by Luis A. Miranda Jr. and other figures in the entertainment world. During the pandemic, I am proud to have joined as a member of Rhode Island Latine Arts, where I got to share not just my Acting techniques but my writing.